Spa2Go UV All-Weather Full Cover

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The UV Cover is a great investment to help keep your spa looking as new as the day you purchased it. The cover will help reduce fading and bleaching. It will also reduce unwanted heat loss from your spa during those chilly nights. Think of it like a sweater or a second skin for your spa. It's easily removable and slides over both the spa as well as the power pack unit, shielding your spa from UV light and mother nature.

This UV Cover will fit the following spas*:

  • Round Spa2Go, EZ Spa, and Lime-N-Spa
  • Octagon Spa2Go, GR8 Spa

*Please note that it is your responsibility to purchase the appropriate UV Cover for your spa, by choosing either the Spa2Go size or Spa-N-A-Box size. This cover is not a replacement for the Inflatable Cover and/or Cover Skin, but is an additional cover designed to provide extra protection.