Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake

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The Best Weed Removal Tool

  • Made in the USA
  •  Constructed of high quality sheet metal
  • Serrated harden steel teeth for cutting
  • Drainage holes for easy maneuverability
  • Cuts weeds off at the "ROOT"
  • Strong enough to remove logs and tree limbs from lake bottom
  • Optional Plastic Handle for easy lifting
  • Environmentally Friendly


Are your lakes, ponds, swimming areas or boat docks plagued with aquatic weeds?


The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake will help you control your pond weeds, lake weeds and aquatic weeds.  Our heavy duty water weed, pond weed and aquatic weed cutter is designed to stand up to the task of weed removal of those heavy water-laden aquatic weeds.

Choose the Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake to help you solve your problems with pond weeds, lake weed control and aquatic weed control.

Unlike other weed rakes and weed razors, the Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake is a heavy-duty metal rake that has 12 serrated teeth for pulling and cutting weeds from around boat docks, swimming areas, landings, etc. We've also put 4-1" holes in the head to let water flow through it, making it easier to pull through the water.The Kaufman Shark Tooth Water Rake glides over the bottom of lakes and ponds with relative ease.

The Shark Tooth Water Weed Rake comes complete with 2-5ft. handles that clip together for reaching hard to get to areas or for deeper water.

You'll be amazed at the results you will get!