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The Ice Tub Pro is the incredible portable inflatable ice tub that can be placed in the locker room or on the sidelines. This is a great way to lower the core temperature of an athlete quickly and help eliminate heat stroke or possibly even death. The Ice Tub can also be used to ice down injured athletes on the sideline during practice (or games) eliminating the player missing valuable practice time sitting in the training room. Also perfect for the at home athlete to help alleviate muscle strains quickly. The Ice Tub comes in a duffle bag for easy storage and convenient transportation to events. It inflates in only a few minutes and weighs approximately 30 lbs.





Set up:

  1. Place the Ice Tub on a flat non abrasive surface.
  2. Connect the Hand pump inflater hose to the tubs inflation Valve.
  3. Inflate Tub and cross table to 8 PSI max.
  4. Wrap the outer skin around the Ice tub and attach Velcro. Pay attention lining up the holes to drain & Air valves for proper fit.
  5. Recommended water depth is 9-10 inches, depending on the size and weight of the Athlete using the Ice Tub water level may vary.
  6. Recommended water temperature 60 degree F. and therapy use time for 10-12 minutes. Please consult your Team Dr. & Trainer.