EZ Spa2Go


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With over 100 micro-air jets, the EZ Spa2Go heats up to 104 degrees, so you can enjoy a hot tub soak and a massage at the same time! With a built in Digital Thermostat, you can choose the temperature that’s right for you. Set up is easy, simply fit the included thermal skin over the tub, inflate using the blower motor already included with the power pack, fill it with your garden hose, and plug it in after securing the included inflatable cover and insulating top cover. A hot tub is supposed to remove stress from your life, so why worry over the complicated delivery and installation of a bulky, expensive acrylic tub?


The EZ Spa2Go sets up in no time, assembly is easy and no tools are needed! When empty, it’s super lightweight at only 68 pounds, so it moves to another location easily... it’s truly a portable spa! Imagine setting the tub outdoors on your deck or patio during the summer months and being the envy of your friends, family, and neighbors at your next barbeque. Then during the winter months you can either leave it outdoors or even bring in inside and enjoy the soothing massage you deserve year round. 


With the EZ Spa2Go, you can enjoy all the benefits of an expensive fiberglass hot tub at a fraction of the cost! It’s far more comfortable than sitting in a hard shell spa... the experience is more like being submersed in hot bubbling water while sitting on your favorite soft plush couch or easy chair. It's time to treat yourself...after just a few simple clicks you'll be on your way to losing your troubles in the bubbles 



  • 1000W Thermostatically Controlled Heater, to maintain a comfortable temperature
  • 1.3HP Turbowave Blower & 127 Micro-Air Jets for a Vigorous All-Over Full Body Massage!!
  • Tough Dacron insulated tub skin provides maximum heat retention – keeps running costs low!
  • 24hr efficient filtration, to keep your water sparkling clean!
  • Thermal locking cover with keys included!
  • K80 Marine Grade Vinyl (Same as White Water Raft Material – VERY DURABLE AND BUILT TO LAST)
  • 110V Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter
  • Brand new EZ Spa2Go carries a 1yr Limited Parts & Labor Warranty
  • Lifetime US-Based Technical Support; The Best in the Industry!



  • Holds 250 Gallons of Water – Filled Weight 2,350lb
  • Inner Diameter 58”
  • Outer Diameter 82”
  • Height with Covers 28”